What's possible for the people of Bradfield at this election?

Nicolette Boele is Voices of Bradfield's community-backed independent, chosen by us to stand as a candidate at the May 21st Federal election.

On top of bringing real-world business experience from a career working in capital markets, clean energy and climate change policy, she has spent 41 of her 51 years in Bradfield. Mother, daughter, sister, wife, she is brilliantly credentialed to give voice to the residents of Bradfield in Canberra.
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Learn more about Nicolette at
and hear her in conversation on the
things that matter most to the people of 
Bradfield - climate action, the economy, aged care
and many more to come before the May 21st election.

What can an Independent actually achieve in the House of Reps?

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Download the full "Bradfield Speaks" report here.

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Download summary report of  "Bradfield Speaks" here.

Climate Action
A Strong Economy
Care in Aged Care

Be Heard. Be Represented.