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About Us



​Voices of Bradfield calls for integrity and effectiveness in Federal politics. We will do that by supporting an Independent candidate in Bradfield in the next Federal election. We are building a voice in our democracy for the people of Bradfield.


Voices of Bradfield Inc is an independent community organisation. We are registered with NSW Department of Fair Trading as an Incorporated Association and we comply with all legal requirements of the Department and the AEC.

Our office holders are:

President: Helen Cannon

Vice President: Carolyn Crossman
Treasurer: Madeleine Hobbs

Secretary: Nick O'Brien

Committee member: Kate Clancy

Committee member: Tom Sesselmann

You can find our constitution here.

To join Voices of Bradfield Inc as a Member, please email to request an Application Form.



Media contact: Stuart Crossman - email

For more information on each of us see our Team page.



The core values of VoB are: Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Accountability, Transparency, Positivity, Inclusivity, Trust, Courage.

VoB will encourage the following behaviours:

I will be my best self
I will engage in positive action
I will be welcoming and inclusive of all
I will demonstrate honest and decent behaviour
I will act in the best interests of the Bradfield community
I will refer to reputable sources and respect scientific consensus


Voices of Bradfield Inc is grateful for any donation, large or small. Donations are not tax deductible.


However, in compliance with AEC laws, we are unable to accept anonymous donations nor donations from a foreign donor. Donations over the disclosure threshold (currently $14,500) will be disclosed to the Australian Electoral Commission.
Please note that there is legislation currently before Federal Parliament that may change the law regarding donations before the next Federal election. Please check with the AEC if in any doubt as to what law applies to your donation.


Personal information is collected only when knowingly and voluntarily submitted. Voices of Bradfield (VoB) intends to protect your personal information from being dealt with in any way that is inconsistent with applicable privacy laws in Australia.

Membership of Voices of Bradfield Inc is completely optional. Registration may include submitting your name, email address, address, telephone numbers, options on receiving updates and other information. Voices of Bradfield endeavours to take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information you may transmit to us.

Voices of Bradfield intends to use personal information to communicate with people who have been involved with the activities of Voices of Bradfield, including Kitchen Table Conversations and other activities of VoB.

If you have any further queries relating to our Privacy Policy, or have a problem or complaint, please contact us by email.

For more information about privacy issues in Australia and protecting your privacy, visit the office of the Australian Information Commissioner's website:

We acknowledge the help of Voices of North Sydney in setting out this statement.

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