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About Independents in Parliament

What is a Voices of Bradfield Independent?


The Voices of Bradfield Independent will represent our electorate with the backing of Voices of Bradfield Inc. Our inspiration has been the success of Helen Haines and Zali Steggall.


• Our Voices of Bradfield Independent will not be constrained by a political party. They vote according to their conscience and the values of their electorate.


• A Voices of Bradfield Independent will not be a career party politician.


• The Independent candidates who have been selected so far by community groups in other electorates, are exceptionally capable people. They are highly qualified, and have major life achievements before standing for parliament.


• Community minded Independents tend to be moderates who support evidence-based policies, and have not come from the extremes of the political spectrum.


Role of Independents in Parliament


In Australia, membership of political parties has been declining for more than a decade. Independents are playing an increasing role in Federal parliament.


In parliament, Independents can...


• Speak up for their electorates, and vote on issues according to the broad views of their electorate instead of following a Party line.


• Introduce legislation.


• Sit on committees that examine issues/legislation and report to parliament


• Represent the views of their electorate in the media through interviews, panels and press releases. Unlike some Party members, their speech to the media will be consistent with how they vote in Parliament.


• Advocate widely for the issues that are important to their electorate.

In the media


18 September 2021. Jacqueline Maley in Sydney Morning Herald writes an overview of the announcement of Kylea Tink as the community Independent who will run in North Sydney. Meet the Liberal Party's latest problem.


16 September 2021. Niki Savva in the Sydney Morning Herald writes a good round up of the Voices movement. Fresh Voices Rise in Liberal Heartland.

21 August 2021. Geraldine Dooge on Saturday Extra on Radio National, interviewed two academics, Carolyn Hendriks and Jennifer Curtin, to examine the growing phenomenon of the "Voices of " movement. "The impact of independents on Australian democracy" asks, "As trust in government wanes and the major parties remain stagnant on issues at the forefront of the national psyche, will there be a bigger push towards politicians promising voters something different, and can Independents actually deliver on these promises?". It is well worth the 12 minute listen.

You can find out more about the growth of the grass roots "Voices of" movement here.

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