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The rising force of Independents in Australian politics is having an impact. When politicians are afraid of losing power, they start to pay attention. 


Your support is making this possible. Many small donations allow us to pay for our website and to print materials that our tireless volunteers take into the community.


Donate today to help us become more visible, and to tell Bradfield that we are looking for a fantastic Independent to represent us in federal parliament.

Please note, we cannot accept foreign donations

Your Impact

✔️ $20 will buy two corflute signs for our Community Outreach

✔️ $50 will print 500 Factsheets

✔️ $100 will reach 3,000 people via Facebook ads

✔️ $1,000 will print enough flyers to cover half the electorate

✔️ $5,000 will cover the cost of an advertising campaign

Any entity created to specifically support an Independent Candidate in Bradfield is required, and Voices of Bradfield Inc may be required, to disclose the name and contact address of any person or entity that makes a donation above the disclosure threshold ($14,500 in FY 2021/22) to the Australian Electoral Commission. That donor will also need to lodge a donor return after the election, which Voices of Bradfield or the Candidate's campaign entity will help you with. Please note that multiple donations made in the same financial year by the same individual or entity to Voices of Bradfield Inc or directly to the Candidate's campaign will be aggregated for the purposes of determining whether the disclosure threshold has been reached. As of 5 Oct 2021 there is legislation before Federal Parliament that may change reporting requirements. Voices of Bradfield Inc recommends that you check the AEC's website ( at the time of your donation to ensure you are aware of the latest requirements.

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