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The rise of community Independents is the big story in the political landscape of 2021-2022. Community Independents are capable, honest representatives who are not obliged to conform to a political party. They are stepping forward across Australia to contest many key electorates. 

Here are some of the most relevant news items that track this phenomenon.

11 December 2021, Tony Windsor in The Saturday Paper, writes "A Letter To Future Independents." He outlines the many things Independents can do, and encourages people to vote Independent. "The future belongs to those who turn up."

9 December 2021, Stephen Brook in The Age, profiles Monique Ryan as she launches her campaign for Kooyong. ‘Like taking on Bambi’: The children’s doctor aiming to unseat the Treasurer.


5 December 2021, Jacqueline Maley in the Sydney Morning Herald, profiles Sophie Scamps as she launches her campaign for Mackellar. ‘He voted with Barnaby Joyce every time’: Why GP decided to run in blue-ribbon seat.'

25 November 2021, Miki Perkins in The Age reports on Zoe Daniel’s campaign in Goldstein. Former ABC reporter Zoe Daniel to fight Liberals on climate and integrity

19 November 2021, Jacqueline Maley in the Sydney Morning Herald reports on Allegra Spender campaign. ‘The real reason is the environment’: Allegra Spender to run as Wentworth independent,

20 November 2021, AAP reports on the campaign of Allegra Spender. Allegra Spender, Carla Zampatti’s daughter, to challenge Dave Sharma in Wentworth at federal election.

25 September 2021, Kim Wingerei in Michael West Media discusses the Independents movement. “Voices Of” ignites 30 independent movements across Australia

18 September 2021. Jacqueline Maley in the Sydney Morning Herald introduces Kylea Tink. Meet the Liberal Party’s latest problem: a climate-driven independent,

16 September 2021. Niki Savva in the Sydney Morning Herald writes a good round up of the Voices movement. Fresh Voices Rise in Liberal Heartland.

21 August 2021. Geraldine Dooge on Saturday Extra on Radio National, interviewed two academics, Carolyn Hendriks and Jennifer Curtin, to examine the growing phenomenon of the "Voices of " movement. "The impact of independents on Australian democracy" asks, "As trust in government wanes and the major parties remain stagnant on issues at the forefront of the national psyche, will there be a bigger push towards politicians promising voters something different, and can Independents actually deliver on these promises?". It is well worth the 12 minute listen.

You can find out more about the growth of the grass roots "Voices of" movement here.

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