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Voices of Bradfield - be heard, be represented

Jan-Feb 2024: Our site is being updated. Please come back soon if you find any issues.

Voices of Bradfield calls for integrity and effectiveness in Federal politics. We are building a voice in our democracy for the people of Bradfield. 

We did that in the 2022 Federal election by supporting a community independent candidate, Nicolette Boele. Nicolette's campaign was hugely successful. We turned a very safe Liberal seat into a marginal seat.

We have endorsed Nicolette as our community independent candidate in the next Federal election (or by-election) and she's announced that she will run again.


We elected a new Executive committee at our AGM and held a member discussion so that their voices could contribute to the 2022-2025 work plan.

We'll be in touch soon - watch this space .....

Live in Bradfield (see map) and want to join us? Please email our Secretary for a membership application form. 
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Learn more about Nicolette at
and hear her in conversation on the
things that matter most to the people of 
Bradfield - climate action, the economy, aged care, NDIS, Media and the Arts.

Nicolette Boele

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What can an Independent actually achieve in the House of Reps?

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Download the full "Bradfield Speaks" report here.

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Download summary report of  "Bradfield Speaks" here.

Climate Action
A Strong Economy
Care in Aged Care
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