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Bradfield speaks

We are changing politics for the better

Election 2022: making Bradfield marginal for the first time

In the 2022 Federal election Voices of Bradfield selected and supported a community independent candidate, Nicolette Boele.


Nicolette received 46% of the vote after preferences, making Bradfield a marginal seat for the first time since its creation in 1949.  

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Bradfield Speaks: our surveys

We surveyed the views of Bradfield locals on a range of key issues. This report summarises the findings from the research, according to age, gender and voting history. 

There are some surprising findings, or maybe not so surprising for one of Australia's best-educated electorates!

You can download a summary of key findings here [PDF].

And the full report is available here [PDF]. 


Referendum 2023: the only Liberal-held electorate to vote Yes

Voices of Bradfield played a key role in Bradfield for Yes, a community-focused group of residents that supported the Yes vote in the 2023 Referendum.  

Bradfield voted Yes by 52.11%, making it the only Liberal-held electorate in the country to support the referendum.


Our electorate of Bradfield

The electorate of Bradfield was formed in the 1949 expansion of Parliament, and has been held by the Liberal party since then. 


Today, Bradfield is a highly-educated and diverse community, with 53% of adults residents having a Bachelor degree and above (NSW: 28%).   

Over 48% of Bradfield residents were born overseas (NSW: 34%), with significant communities speaking Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Hindi and Persian. 

Source: ABS 2021 Census Quick Stats for Bradfield

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