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The  mission of Voices of Bradfield is to elect a community Independent for the electorate of Bradfield. Nicolette Boele was our candidate in the 2022 federal election. Although we did not displace the incumbent, the campaign turned Bradfield from a safe Liberal seat to a marginal seat. Voices of Bradfield is proud of this achievement and we are developing a strategy to build on this in the 2025 election. 

Ways to help VOB

Subscribe to VOB newsletter: The newsletter goes out fortnightly with updates about events and activities, information about issues, and discussion of ideas.

Donate to VOB: Big or small, all donations support VOB in our mission to elect a community independent in Bradfield. 

VOB Shop: Visit our online shop and check out the range of t-shirt designs - for yourself, or a Christmas present. Every purchase supports VOB.



A new honesty in politics


We strive to act in accordance with core values.


  • I will be my best self

  • I will engage in positive action

  • I will be welcoming and inclusive of all

  • I will demonstrate honest and decent behaviour

  • I will act in the best interests of the Bradfield community

  • I will refer to reputable sources and respect scientific consensus

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