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Meet the Executive Team

Voices of Bradfield is an independent community organisation.
At VoB we are united by our shared purpose in returning respect, integrity and trust to politics. We are building a voice in our democracy for the people of Bradfield. 

Be Heard. Be Represented.


Helen Cannon


Dr Helen Cannon is a long-time resident of Bradfield - her parents lived here, and she has children and grandchildren who live in Bradfield. Helen is an educator, HR and Leadership Consultant and an author. She has a Masters degree in HR and a doctorate in Educational Leadership. Helen joined Voices of Bradfield because it has a vision for a better future and a stronger democracy and because she wants to be heard and be represented.


Nick O'Brien


Nick has lived in Sydney’s north shore for 17 years, having moved here from Melbourne (via Canberra and northern-NSW). He has a PhD and degree in forest science, and has worked in the research and funds management sectors with a focus on sustainable plantation management and climate change mitigation. Nick strongly believes that a key focus on mitigating climate change impacts is to change the way we produce and use energy, and feels that the current major political parties have not displayed the necessary urgency in this area.


Madeleine Hobbs


Madeleine has lived in Bradfield for 20 years after emigrating from South Africa with her husband and two children. With a social sciences degree, Madeleine worked in IT project management across different industries, then moved into quality assurance for a global consultancy. She believes in thoughtful and evidence-based action on climate change, gender equity and integrity in government.


Carolyn Crossman

Vice President

Carolyn is a Bradfield resident, a mother & grandmother. Carolyn holds a Masters of Social Science. She is a passionate advocate for Climate Action & Social Justice. She understands that there is no more time to waste in having the leadership and representation we need to achieve a stable planet for following generations.


Kate Clancy

Kate has lived in Bradfield since 1993. She is a retired educator having held senior leadership positions including Principal and Educational Consultant.

 She holds post graduate qualifications in education including Master of Educational Leadership and Master of Professional Ethics.

Kate is an advocate for systems and processes that promote and sustain human flourishing and the health of our planet. When she joined Voices of Bradfield in 2021 she found her tribe.


Tom Sesselman

Tom is a software consultant and technology enthusiast. He grew up on the North Shore and went to school at Barker College. Having travelled up and down the North Shore train line every day for six years, he is well acquainted with the many communities of Bradfield. After recently getting into politics, he has held positions of leadership within minor parties and has been heavily involved in several political campaigns across local, state and federal levels.

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