Meet the Executive Team

Voices of Bradfield is an independent community organisation.
At VoB we are united by our shared purpose in returning respect, integrity and trust to politics. We are building a voice in our democracy for the people of Bradfield. 

Be Heard. Be Represented.


Dr Samantha Graham

Sam has run her own consulting businesses for the past 18 years, in corporate sustainability and leadership development. She is Mum to a 15 year old, wife to a retiring engineer and has Molly, the family dog, constantly at her side. She founded Voices of Bradfield with others on the executive team, because she knows Australia deserves better and our children won't forgive us if we don't wake up and pitch in, now.


Carey Francis

Carey is a professional volulnteer manager with a background i corporate responsbility. She has lived in Bradfield since 2009 and is raising her family here. She is always actively involved in her community and has been a P&C president. She is tired of marching for gender equity and wants to see a world where the climate emergency is taken seriously.


Gillian King

Gillian King is a Bradfield local and retired Social Researcher who ran a small business for 20 years. She has two daughters and four grandchildren whose futures are endangered by the increasingly urgent catastrophe of the Climate Crisis. She deplores the federal government's resistance to a strong integrity commission and their obstruction of effective policies to reduce emissions.


Stuart Crossman

Stuart Crossman is a proud Bradfield resident, retired Hotelier and grandfather. He is deeply concerned that our democratic process has been eroded by the undue influence of some political donors and self-serving politicians, resulting in a lack of genuine constituent representation and poor policy settings across a range of issues. Stuart advocates for an independent Federal Integrity Commission to address these shortcomings.


Dr Kate Ahmad

Kate Ahmad is a Bradfield local and Neurologist. She is a campaigner for climate action, environment and gender equity.  She is desperate to empower a government who will address these issues in an honest and meaningful way.


Carolyn Crossman

Carolyn Crossman is a Bradfield resident, a mother & grand mother. Carolyn holds a masters of social science. She is a passionate advocate for Climate Action & Social Justice. She understands that there is no more time to waste in having the leadership and representation we need to achieve a stable planet for following generations.


Claire Blundy

Claire Blundy is a Bradfield local and mother to 3 young children. She holds degrees in Science, Law and Midwifery and has worked across the corporate, not-for-profit and healthcare sectors. Claire is a passionate proponent of effective Climate Action, Gender Equity and Social Justice. She wants to see integrity and honesty in policy and politics.