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在 VoB,我們的共同目標是將尊重、誠信和信任歸還給政治。我們正在為布拉德菲爾德人民建立民主的聲音。  




Gillian King 是布拉德菲爾德當地的退休社會研究員,經營一家小企業 20 年。她有兩個女兒和四個孫子孫女,他們的未來正受到日益緊迫的氣候危機災難的威脅。她對聯邦政府抵制強有力的誠信委員會及其阻礙有效減少排放的政策表示遺憾。



Carolyn is a Bradfield resident, a mother & grandmother. Carolyn holds a Masters of Social Science. She is a passionate advocate for Climate Action & Social Justice. She understands that there is no more time to waste in having the leadership and representation we need to achieve a stable planet for following generations.



Gillian King 是布拉德菲爾德當地的退休社會研究員,經營一家小企業 20 年。她有兩個女兒和四個孫子孫女,他們的未來正受到日益緊迫的氣候危機災難的威脅。她對聯邦政府抵制強有力的誠信委員會及其阻礙有效減少排放的政策表示遺憾。


Nick O'Brien


Nick has lived in Sydney’s north shore for 17 years, having moved here from Melbourne (via Canberra and northern-NSW). He has a PhD and degree in forest science, and has worked in the research and funds management sectors with a focus on sustainable plantation management and climate change mitigation. Nick strongly believes that a key focus on mitigating climate change impacts is to change the way we produce and use energy, and feels that the current major political parties have not displayed the necessary urgency in this area.

Committee members




Danielle IMG_5639.jpg


Carolyn Crossman 是 Bradfield 的居民,是一位母親和祖母。 Carolyn 擁有社會科學碩士學位。她是氣候行動和社會正義的熱情倡導者。她明白,沒有更多的時間可以浪費在擁有我們為後代實現穩定地球所需的領導力和代表權上。


Indu Balachandran

Committee Member

Indu is a Bradfield resident, moving from Western Sydney. Born in India, Indu went to school in North Sydney, and has degrees in Business, Political Economy and Social Change. Indu works in governance and strategy in the social sector, having held senior roles in impact investment, social enterprises, Indigenous organisations, the arts and environmental services.


She believes that community-engaged leadership with a vision that considers environmental, cultural, social, and economic interconnectivity is much needed to steward our society into a healthy future. The possibilities she has seen in the people of Bradfield have inspired her to become more involved in this vision at a local level.

Special advisers to the Committee


Tom Sesselman

Special Adviser

Tom is a software consultant and technology enthusiast. He grew up on the North Shore and went to school at Barker College. Having travelled up and down the North Shore train line every day for six years, he is well acquainted with the many communities of Bradfield.


After recently getting into politics, he has held positions of leadership within minor parties and has been heavily involved in several political campaigns across local, state and federal levels.

Ian Palmer ed.jpg

Ian Palmer

Special Adviser

Ian’s connections to Bradfield date back to 1987 as a lecturer for some years at Kuring-gai CAE. Later, he moved to Lindfield and his two children attended Killara High. His teaching, research and industry consulting was on managing organizational change. Ian recently returned to Lindfield from Melbourne where he was a Vice-President at RMIT University and managed the College of Business. He remains a Professor Emeritus, RMIT.


Ian has a strong focus on achieving change for the better and his recent pro bono activities include mentoring, designing a post-prison employment program, advising businesses and bike building for a disability organisation. He is naturally aligned to the changes Voices of Bradfield is championing and was excited to see the strong support in Bradfield for the recent referendum. 

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